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Sapphire is a precious stone, a kind of corundum mineral. The classical colors of natural sapphire are light blue and blue. But natural sapphires can also be of almost any color. Yellow and green , pink and violet , black, colorless (white) sapphires are known , as well as polychrome, with the effect of color change and starry . Sapphires not blue and not blue are called fantasy sapphires or colored sapphires. Corundums of red color will already be called rubies .
Noble blue and blue sapphires are by far the most popular precious stones in Russia. Transparent blue sapphires can be different in perception of their color: dark blue, rich blue, blue, light blue, as well as sapphires blue with a purple or greenish tinge. The best sapphires have a bright blue color with no additional shades. The most expensive sapphire stone colors are cornflower blue and royal blue.
The cost of natural sapphires of the best colors can exceed 60 thousand dollars per carat. The best blue and blue sapphires were historically mined in the north of India in the state of Kashmir, now the development of this field is stopped. On the second place go blue and blue sapphires from Burma, then sapphires from the island of Ceylon and the islands of Madagascar. In Russia, in jewelry, you can usually find very dark blue sapphires, they look like almost black sapphires, their price is not high. Such dark blue stones can not be compared to the best blue and velvet-blue sapphires.
Transparent colorless sapphire – a stone that is sometimes called leucosapphire or white sapphire, such sapphires can be used as central inserts in products, they can also be an alternative to polishing from diamonds. Stone black sapphire is usually presented in the form of cabochons with the effect of asterism. Such cabochons of sapphire can be used both in women’s and men’s products. In jewelry sapphires are usually presented in the form of ovals and cushions, sometimes you can see the cut “marquess” in sapphires of small size.
Dimensions of sapphires are usually not very large, in faceted form they rarely exceed 5 carats. Large sapphires often do not have the best quality characteristics, such stones can be processed into a cabochon shape. It should be borne in mind that the larger the natural sapphire, the more its cost per carat will be.


Choose and buy natural blue and blue sapphire in Sampath Gems. In our catalog of sapphires you will see only high-quality specimens. You can also buy a colorless (white) sapphire and cabochons from sapphire. The price of a sapphire stone of blue and blue can be measured in thousands of dollars per carat. Note that the cost of natural sapphires without ennobling can be in 1,5-3 times more than for the same in quality greek sapphires. Because of such a big difference in the price of natural sapphires, it is desirable that the sale and purchase of sapphires is accompanied by an expert opinion on the stone. The price of white sapphires (colorless), unlike blue, is quite democratic and below them at times. Here you can buy a blue and blue sapphire stone from Sri Lanka, Burma (Myanmar), Madagascar and other countries. Under the order there is an opportunity to bring and buy the most expensive sapphires – Kashmir. The price of these rare blue sapphires is very individual due to the small number of offers on the market.
Buy gemstone sapphire can be remotely by making an order in the site directory. Videos, photos, the price of a sapphire stone and a detailed description are given for each sample. For all sapphires in the catalog, we can also give any additional information – please contact us. By prior arrangement with our staff, you can visit our show room in Ratnapura,Kahawatta, where you can buy a sapphire, seeing all the stones live.


Jewelry with sapphire is very popular all over the world. In the treasuries of many countries there are unique jewelry with sapphires from Sri Lanka, India and Burma. The blue color of sapphire attracts many to its mysterious depth. The price of jewelry with sapphire has a very wide range. Gold rings with a sapphire of average quality less than a carat can cost only a few hundred dollars. But products with large sapphires of high quality can cost tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Usually make rings and earrings with a sapphire in gold yellow and white, less often in platinum. The complexity of earrings with large sapphires is that a similar pair of quality stones is very difficult to find. It happens that earrings with sapphires and diamonds are sold complete with rings. Such sets with sapphires can be very expensive. Gold earrings with sapphire, as well as brooches, bracelets, necklaces, pendants and pendants with high quality sapphires (bright blue, not very dark) are on sale and it is extremely difficult to buy. Often such products made of sapphire are made to order. The main thing here is to find high-quality sapphires. Today men’s rings and rings (prints) with sapphire are also in demand. Products with sapphires are made by many world jewelry brands: Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff, Bulgari and others. Buy or custom-make a ring or earrings with sapphire can also be in Sampath Gems. We will take into account all your wishes and make a jewelry with a sapphire, which you will like!


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